We offer several services inspired by Chef Ben's own upbringing, and his unique history with Japanese cuisine: in-home sushi and cooking workshops, private dinner parties where he does all the work, and small event catering for groups up to 50.
Chef Ben's commitment to the quality of the food you'll eat is matched by his passion for ensuring every experience is personal — bespoke, yes, but happy and heartful too. In other words, good vibes abound.


The Basic Sushi Workshop

An overview of how to cook rice, cut fish, and roll sushi. We'll teach you the art to all three, and walk you through the rewarding work that comes along the way. You'll learn to prep and plate four different basic kinds of awesome sushi, including rolls. 


The Deluxe Sushi Workshop

We'll drill down into either nigiri (hand-pressed sushi), temaki (cone-shaped hand rolls), or gunkan (soft-topped boat-style sushi), plus master more complex, showy fare like caterpillar or volcano rolls. Completion of the Basic Sushi Workshop is required.


The Katsu Dinner Workshop

Learn how to deep fry chicken and/or pork cutlets the Japanese way! We'll also show you how to make proper side dishes like miso soup, cabbage salad, and rice from scratch, along with two classic sushi rolls. Our chicken and pork are always either organic and/or free-range.


The Tempura Dinner Workshop

You'll cut and prep shrimp and/or vegetables, and we'll teach you the secrets of making deep-fried food unbelievably light and flaky. We'll also whip up a tangy dipping sauce to go with, and make sure you've got rice, miso, and a couple of rolls down pat.


The Kaiseki Dinner WorKshop

The show-stopper. Make a traditional small-plate meal consisting of eight or more dishes. Soups, sashimi, simmered things, grilled delights, steamed stuff, fresh veggies, and seasonal sweets are all on the table, literally. Plus: rice, miso, and two rolls.


The Private Dinner Party

Ben will be your personal chef for a night. Treat your sweetheart, surprise your family, or show off for your friends with a dinner program designed to meet the specific tastes and needs of you and your guests. This one is for parties of eight or fewer.


Small Event Catering

We'll make sushi and/or prepare cooked dishes for up to 50 people. Chef Ben can either drop off fresh food that's been made-to-order, or bring in a number of prepared items (rolls, soup, sides) and hand-press nigiri for your guests on the party premises.

*We provide all ingredients, tools, and cookware needed.
At the end of each workshop, you'll receive a list of nearby vendors so you can obtain everything you need in order to continue making Japanese cuisine at home. Be sure to ask about our Shiroyama Sushi Starter Kit.


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